Thursday, 15 June 2017


I open my mouth
Willing to let my voice explain
What has not been written yet,
Understood or attained

Over the walls of my mind
I let my feelings go through
And I have the sense I’m there
No, you can’t hear me. I’m mute

I’m the shadow I never wanted to be
The odd dark silhouette
Made of struggle,
Incomprehension and mess. 

I fall into the void
That it’s your look of confusion
I have the urge of being trusted
Get me out of this delusion

How much of this can I take
No, I’m not blaming anyone,
I did it all myself,
I did it all alone

If only I could evaporate
And burn this pain out
I see you walking away
No time left to dither now

Battle with my heart
War on my own
Poking in it needles from my brain
I drown into my thoughts